Object Oriented Programming in JAVA

After I learned the fundamentals of programming in C languagge at University the next mailstone is to understand the objectum oriented paradigm. In this example, we will use JAVA.

User and kernel mode switch mechanism in UNIX

Understanding the step by step story of switching between user and kernel mode in UNIX systems. Logical steps.

“disk or disc”

“Optical discs like CDs are spelled with a “c” and other kinds of computer storage media such as floppy disk drives and external hard drives are spelled with a “k”.[..]”

Operation Systems Home Work, client – server messaging tool with IPC – server.c

The task was to write a client / server based chat program which make shared memory, put the message in to it, than sending a signal to the other process to read the message from memory, than if the client answer, do the same sequence again. Implemented on LINUX based on system calls and Inter Process Communication.

Remove unused shared memory segments

During Inter Process Communication can machines collect data into, and sometimes during the developement let the shared memory full with trash. The next snipet is to clean up the memory segment.


From today, blog is in the trusted zone with SSL Certificate. Communication between server and browser encrypted.

Insert user inputed datas into sqlite query C programming

The task is to save a structure data type which first loads into heap with malloc() than when user saves the session it’s write into sqlite table.

Recursion in C programming

Recursive is the function that calls itself either directly or indirectly.